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Most people assume that just because they have eye care insurance they are really getting a great deal on glasses. This is only true 10% of the time. Most of the time it ends up costing you more

The photo below is an actual photo of a quote from a large optical chain( we had to block out the name). This large chain is telling you that if you want to get all the items on list for your glasses it is going to cost you $1659.94 

But wait, they say " Do you have insurance?" "We can save you a lot of money now that you have insurance." However even after the insurance discount, the costumer will still end up paying $1224.46  for what they need on their glasses.

What  the above receipt of the large optical chain shows you is that their prices are jacked up so much that even after the insurance you have to  pay $1000.00+ for all the necessary lens requirements to help you see. People need to see to function in their day to day life, so they end up paying it not knowing that they have a choice. That choice is Sol Specs Optical.

Below is a pic of a receipt which shows what one of our costumers paid for the same things that are in the receipt of the large chain. She paid $932.00 for the same exact things and no insurance necessary. Here at Sol Specs we are a mom and pop we are consumers just like you. We know that certain things in life are a necessity, things such as glasses. We do not want you to suffer and not be able to see, we will give you the best available price.



 Another example below of the very same large optical chain, shows what a costumer would have paid if they decided to go with the large chain. The large chain's retail value for the glasses that the costumer wanted with the type of lenses that they need it, was $838.36. That is insane. But wait, if you have insurance you will pay $528.52. Again this shows you how insanely high and jacked up their prices are.

 Below you can see what the costumer paid for the very same exact frames with the even better lenses which are Varilux. They Paid only $420 for frame and lenses. All this was done in 3 business days .


 At the end of the day, it is your money and you can use it as you please. But we want to make buying glasses human again and fair again. This is due to the fact that it becomes difficult to rip off people, when you see what the world means.

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